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A writer’s voice is akin to the painter’s iconic brush stroke. It is deeply representative of the ideas that they tend to most often connect with, or, at the very least, have encountered throughout their experience. It is shaped through all of the highly individualized experiences that a person encounters throughout life.

This voice is the chisel used to form the ice sculpture that is meaning.

I find immense pleasure in this meticulous and often tedious pursuit of approaching as near to absolute precision as is possible for me to achieve.

The idea, in its most raw form, is something that only contains as much meaning as is assigned to it, often through shared cultural assignments. Or put more succinctly, its contextualized connotation. In the context of the chizel analogy, it is the ice block that has yet to be sculpted. As well, our combined agreement that the best shape for an unsculpted block of ice is a rectangular prism. This agreement streamlines the sculpting process and removes the need for someone to need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Thus that is where we start, as does the sculptor.

The idea, having been prepped for sculpting, is then slowly chiselled away, Meticulously and with tedious precision. This is the same for the writer, my words are not chosen at random or with blatant haphazardness. My desire to be as succinct as absolutely possible pushes me to “sculpt” my ideas into precisely what I desire to say

Words, and by extension, the ideas that they are assigned, contain the ultimate form of communicative power. Remember that language was not pre programmed into our brains. We developed it. And because of this we control how it develops. In a sense we have harnessed the raw power of ideas by intimately learning the intricacy of language.

Great Empires have fallen at the utterance of a certain set of words.

This is my passion, using this desire for succinct and precise transfer of ideas to further the progress of the species in whatever small ways I am able.