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So, I heard about the concept that there is a set of common “human cookie cutters molds”. These common molds are what make us think that we recognize someone who couldn’t possibly be related to someone else in our life who they resemble. It’s an interesting concept to consider. This means that there is a somewhat tangible limit to the number of variation within humankind. You sitting at your desk in your studio apartment in southern California consuming Netflix, and in Paris a bloke is sitting at his desk in his flat typing away at his final for a class. You are nearly identical, but more than likely you will never meet. Go about your normal lives and never consider the possibility that someone else looks just like you. The implication is that even in a sea of great variation, there are still shores on all sides. Further, you could have a clan of people scattered about the world, who look just like you.

Extend this into the concept of the multiverse…that’s an article for another time.

Just thought it was a neat concept to ponder.
Hope you enjoyed!