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Let me start with saying i adore the idea of the multiverse, it’s a radical concept with interesting implications

The concept of the multiverse is that any action I take creates universes. I wake up and have a coffee vs I snooze for an hour. The one decision created 2 universes. That’s the basic concept.

So taking this concept to a narrative extreme;

When you were born, your mother clung to you your entire life and showered you with her love and as a result never had more children, making you an only child.

>For this analogy, lets call him Rob.

Alternatively, your mother had you and let you grow up and be your own person, and when you turned 5, your parents took you aside and told you you have a little sister on the way, and 9 months later you met your younger sister.

>For this analogy, lets call him Jon.

Now, using this analogy, Rob finds out from his mother in a screaming match about something stupid, that at the age of 5 the mother had had a miscarriage and lost her child, which they found out was a girl. Rob is mortified, stricken to his core. He may even get to the point where he wants to know this sister. He could conceivably go visit her, or what she might have been, in Jon’s universe.

Thus, Shows like “Fringe” and “Sliders” are born, exploring this concept to its fullest and it’s real world implications.

Taking this concept to it’s absolute extremes;

You have as little variation as a single blade of grass in your backyard not existing. Literally the only difference. Inconsequential between universes, to the point of saying “Who cares?”

You have as much variation as a universe only consisting of one atom. (Maybe this means the big bang never occurred)

But through all of this, one huge question that spans both concepts remains; What is considered inconsequential? Does the blade of grass make a difference?  For example: What if the blade of grass was the reason Rob lost his sister, implying a sort of “Butterfly Effect”, something we’ll discuss in the next section.


But that’s all for now, stay tuned for part 2.