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It’s very interesting, thinking about it now. At the time I hadn’t really grasped the depth of it all. She just was there in my life every day from there on out. With no build-up or lead time, she became a painting on my wall, something I saw every day. 

There was a comfort she brought to me, a calm harmony that would flood the room. You were suddenly at ease as soon as she smiled and greeted you. It would softly paint a smile with your lips. She brought with her an aura of contentment. 

But she smiles at you and you are restocked on your confidence. Your shelves now filled with the books of new clever ideas and the calmness to figure them out. 

She would be wearing the scent of a freshly bitten apple, pineapple coconut, or warm vanilla cocoa. The sent caressed your face passing your nose, only teasing you as it passed. She is adorned in summer garb, a long silk dress of repeating flower petals that flows over her every curve. Starting at the neckline dripping down over her bosom and following the curve of her hips ending at her ruby nails peeking out from underneath. With a confident modesty, she would seem to float over to you, her legs and feet shrouded by the garment. She moves with a gliding grace that would disarm the mightiest of warlords.

Her words would surround you with a wrap-around caress and a soft peck on the cheek from tippy toes. Falling back down on the flats of her sandaled toes, raising her eyebrows, opening her gaze to lock with yours. Her aqua and seafoam marble eyes would meet yours. She keeps your gaze, unspoken passion clearly communicated along an unbroken gaze.

She walks up to you and envelops you with her arms, her body radiates genuine unyielding devotion. The restfulness of her embrace brings you down from the stress and grounds you in her empathy. She will sit with you and engage with your eyes and assure you with her hand resting in yours. While you release the pressure of a day, she will engage with your ideas and offer any advice she feels you need.

She carries an eros love sown from the seeds of ludus. She only carries it for you, this depth full compassion. She gives and supports as much as you do for her.